Life is anything, but funny,

Clouds looming always, seldom sunny.

Long dark tunnel with no end in sight,

Daily’s rigmarole and intolerable plight.

Hunger, death, starvation all around,

Problems galore everyday to hound.

There are numbers & targets repeatedly to chase,

Life seems bereft of a peaceful phase.

Then I chose to leave the rat race,

And put up to life a brave face.

Took inspiration from the message of Geeta,

Keeping moving without expecting feta.

Because one can control actions not outcomes,

Life is to lived to hilt before death beckons.

Now I am no rat, dog or slave,

Living life of my own like a brave.

I live, eat and sleep well,

Without any fear of going to hell.

Who has seen heaven and hell,

Better is to live the life well.

With family and friends by your side,

Life is always on a high tide!!!!

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