Three degrees shift

We all talk about big things/ big change, big data, big bad world , little realising the impact small things can have ! There’s an old saying that don’t ignore the small as what a small needle can do a sword can’t!

Yesterday, while attending a management workshop, the trainer spoke about the impact  even a small shift in our attitudes could make ! Of course, he was preparing us for transition that would be taking place in my organisation in the days to come. He was advising us to make small changes in our attitudes and not any big strategic shift as even small shifts could make large impacts. To support this argument, he cited two examples. For a ship originating from UK for US, if compass is wrongly setby mere three degrees, the ship would reach Venezuela instead of US. He also cited the example that chimpanzees were as intelligent as humans but they could not imagine because of difference of mere one strand in their DNA in comparison to human DNA.

Small things can make big changes – difference of one millionth of a second separates an Usain  Bolt from others, it’s only difference of one chromosome that determines sex and BJP was only six seats short and is exposed to grave humiliation and embarrassment! Let’s all start with small- small has capacity to result into big!!!

One thought on “Three degrees shift

  1. It’s always the small things that make the big differences. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo and the course of history was changed because he delayed his attack in order to allow the rain soaked battle field to dry out, thus enabling the enemy to gain crucial time for getting reinforcement.

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