Belated Happy International HR Day

I just came across a post in LinkedIn making a mention of International HR Day that provoked me to check google! I found out May 20th to be the designated day as International HR Day.

These special or designated days have remained an area of special interest and in the past I have written blogs on almost all special days – Fathers, Mothers, Children, Valentine’s Rose et al and I have always wondered about the thought, logic or history behind them! Post my superannuation, employees’ interest has been an area receiving my special focus and in that sense, International HR Day assumes special significance.

The rationale for which Personnel Departments (PD) of yore gave way to HR departments (HRD) was the need for overall development and satisfaction of the employee beyond the commonplace aspects of promotion, posting, transfer and increments. It’s for the experts and the heads of HR of various organisations to ponder over whether these objectives are being/ have been met after transition from PD to HRD. Some of the triggers that can help such mulling over are as under:

(1) How the conflict between employees and employers are resolved – in favour of employees or employers? 

(2) What special initiative do HRDs take beyond the aforesaid four commonplace items that were the primary focus of PDs? 

(3) Is there complete transparency around policies relating to  PMS, promotion, bonus and ESOPs? 

(4) Do the employees feel empowered, important and satisfied? 

(5) Are the organisations getting the best available talent? 

Certainly HR is amongst the most important aspects of any organisation as it handles the main fuel of growth – the manpower resources or employees and the position of HR Heads is no easy spot, being full of challenges requiring maintenance of fine balance between the interests of employees and employers that may not always be aligned! 

Happy international HR day – especially to incumbents working in HRDs!

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