There’s no one like mother

Jane Goodall, who has spent decades in Africa as the world’s top authority on working with chimpanzees, attributes this remarkable achievement of hers to the freedom and encouragement given by her mother since her early childhood. Her mother resisted the advice of her friends and relatives to bar Jane from pursing her passion that seemed so untraditional and do something more “respectable” and career oriented.

Tony Bennett, once described by Frank Sinatra as the best singer in the business, describes how his quest for success began from his childhood by sitting by his mother’s side while she worked as a seamstress, during the depression. He remembers the constant hum of the machine and how her finger would frequently get caught beneath the sewing needle causing severe pain to her. He decided that he’d become successful so that his mother would never have to stitch clothes again.

The above real life stories assume special significance on the eve of Mothers Day falling tomorrow on the 14th of May. Aren’t all mothers similar to what Jane Goodall and Tony Bennett have described about their mothers? It’s a different story that all of us, the children, may not turn out to be super successful like them, but mothers are all similar- caring, tolerant, concerned, empathetic, sacrificing and selfless! All of them may not be necessarily stitching clothes to make the two ends meet or giving exceptional leeway to their children to indulge in any activity! But the underlying spirit is same – giving the best of life to their children, expecting nothing in return !

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and their children for whatever they are today – they owe it to their mothers more than anyone else!

11 thoughts on “There’s no one like mother

  1. Dear Arvind,
    Today I posted the photo in my family group remembering my mother and thanking her for the best of life and values she gave to us. And yes, you are right all the mothers are best. May mother’s Ashirwad be with all the children of the world.🙏🙏

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  2. Beautifully summed by the blogger -the indomitable Mother who has/ had been great pillar of strength in everyone’s life. Paying my heartfelt obeisance on the eve of mothers day to our large/ kind hearted mothers. Take a Bow.

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  3. Sir, Reciprocating the same.Thank you so much for beautifully presenting the emotion called MOTHER.A very Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the children.All are fortunate who have with them their mothers.I come under the list of them who have lost her but feel she is always with me ,showering her blessings,showing the way ahead.Regards

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  4. Very well written Sir. So apt as always.
    That feeling of “I want my mom” has no age limit, no time limit or no distance limit.
    It’s an unmatched love and affection that can never be replaced.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving moms in the world.

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