Jobs, business or startup ?

I think pressure at workplace is not quite a recent phenomenon but has all along been there. Recently came across an article in a popular periodical that regularly publishes articles from its previous editions that could be decades old. This article republished after two decades has a beautiful line that reads, “ Nagging boss, crabby clients, looming deadlines…. if unemployment didn’t pay so badly, you’d choose it as a career.” To this, if I may add the following two lines of my own – (1) If only starting a new business wouldn’t be so risky and expensive, I’d be rather my own boss and (2) It’s so disheartening that startups have a failure rate of 90% and I may not be lucky or brilliant enough to not to be burning my fingers there! And the above three scenarios loosely sum up the challenge before today’s youth. Jobs are highlighted by pressures from bosses, clients, targets and deadlines. A new business in one of the traditional industries can entail huge investments and competition from the established players. A start up converting a brilliant idea into a commercial proposition is prone to exceptionally high failure rates.

I am of the opinion  that all the above scenarios need to change. Jobs have to offer a more pleasant and lasting experience, existing players in the established industry have to be more open to new competition that helps them improve their own  efficiency and quality  and we probably need more of, now defunct, Silicon Valley Bank that understand the risks associated with startups promoting new technologies. 

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4 thoughts on “Jobs, business or startup ?

  1. I would like to add my 2 cents : Work pressure and work culture comes from the top. Unfortunately, there is so sharp focus on cost cutting and getting more things done from a limited capacity that it ends up in employees being always under pressure. This was my experience of working in India. However, in Europe, what I observe in top management behaviour is the acknowledgment of right amount of efforts needed and not a mad race of getting two persons work done by one person. It would not be correct to say that there is no pressure or demanding clients but it is much more balanced in this part of world where everything happens through appointment. There is a lot to learn !

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