Valentine’s Day – For one and all

In the peak of my youth,

I lived life with joy and abandon gay;

All the festivals were occasions to rejoice,

But alas! There was no Valentine’s Day!

But where was the time for such passion,

Between the degree and job life was tight;

Hardly had I tasted independence,

I was already married and had a wife.

With time, Valentine’s Day acquired importance,

And the youth brigade made it a great occasion;

I was already middle aged and a father,

Bereft of such vivacious joy and passion.

Why was I born a few decades too soon?

Is my pet peeve;

That gets all the more aggravated,

On Valentine’s Day eve!

But if age is indeed a number,

And expressing love knows no bounds;

Who’s better Valentine than one’s life companion,

To celebrate love why this day but all year round!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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