Action in Tawang

Our neighbour in the North and East persists with its aggressive posture that’s basically aimed at making it to be the most dominating power in the world. And whether it was Galwan earlier or Tawang now, our bravehearts are always there to protect India’s sovereignty, notwithstanding risk to their own lives. Someone has posted on Linked a video that’s purportedly covering the day before yesterday’s skirmish between the two forces. Expectedly, it has attracted attention of everyone and comments are mostly patriotic.

My firm view is that in the matters of the National security and those concerning acts by our armed forces, we should avoid creating controversies and instead stand behind them and our Government wholeheartedly and unquestioningly. In such matters, we should not allow our idiosyncrasies to come in the way and exhibit patriotism as “ One Indian”. We shall all survive and flourish if our nation is secured and strong.

Salute to our brave hearts guarding our borders on all the fronts against very aggressive neighbours and terrorists! Our thoughts are always with them whether action happens in Kargil, Galwan or Tawang!

Jai Hind! 

3 thoughts on “Action in Tawang

  1. Nice write up. The neighbor in question is already in a position to of dominance and they simply don’t care about what the other say or think about their behavior. Currently we deal with them not from a position of strength.

    The Army can and does provide support only to the extent that they are allowed to by the Masters. And it needs a lot of tightrope walking by our said Masters to maintain status quo.

    It is an extremely tough job for all concerned. And we probably don’t know even half of the story.

    We need to pray a lot, because head to head confrontation is simply not an option for us.

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