Happy Prakash Utsav

On the auspicious occasion of Gurupurub, I received the above message on social media that beautifully sums the gist of Guru Nanak’s teaching – try your best, remember almighty’s name and take care of the needs of the deprived!

Indeed we all know that nothing can be achieved without hard work and not withstanding any rituals, there is a creator of this universe. The teaching of Guru Nanak on sharing with needy persons is seen everywhere every day – in Covid times so many homeless and jobless could survive due to langars and it’s not one off phenomenon! It’s happening in war torn Ukraine ( a restaurateur is distributing free meals every day like a langar), and across the world, where workers, labourers and other poor people can have their daily two meals in a nearby Gurudwara. Just opposite my Andheri residence, Four Bungalows Gurudwara is running langars twice a day, feeding hundreds hungry folks every day!

I bow in obeisance to Guru Nanak on this Prakash Utsav.

Happy Gurupurub to everyone!

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