Needless controversy, needless discussion

Rishi Sunak having been named Prime Minister of Britain has generated unprecedented interest in all forms of media, more so in social media. His Indian roots, his marriage to Akshata Murthy, his Hindu faith – every aspect of his life is being discussed. And it’s but natural that if there are views, their ought to be counter views too! While the views run as far and wide as the triumph of Hinduism and fate taking a complete 360 degree with the empire that ruled over India once, now getting ruled over by an Indian, the contra views are equally extreme with a very senior congress leader advising India to learn from Britain as to promoting the interests of minority instead of majority centric fascist mentality!

All the above discussions and controversies are needless. Rishi is a Britisher first and then a very able politician and a very erudite scholar, who’s got the job on absolute merit. His minority and Hindu background matter the least. Similarly, India has always given equal opportunities to all its minorities and 10 years long reign of Manmohan Singh bears testimony to it ( I wonder how this senior congress leader forgot this glaring fact) .

We should admire British system of openness and fair play and should try to imbibe it in our milieu, wherever it could be lacking. Beyond this, rest all is immaterial. Rishi is Britain’s PM and the interest of Britain and British people will be paramount in his heart.

And why Indians should need any affirmation of their achievements from such an event? Based on their capabilities, Indians are doing very well across the globe and their contribution is acknowledged by one and all!

I think we need to develop the temperament to take the news in a balanced manner with objectivity – whether it’s Rishi Sunak becoming English premier or India edging out Pakistan in nail biting finish. Giving colour to every event – in the extant case, one a pure development in a foreign country and another a mere sporting event- does not gel well with our reputation if being a tolerant and all encompassing community and nation.

Jai Hind !

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