Better tomorrow

Came across the following beautiful thought received today morning from one of my WhatsApp connections:

“The entire search of our life is motivated by the belief that there is a better tomorrow.”

The above words read like gospel truth to me. That’s what has kept me going and sustained me all this while.

And mind you, I am out of an active job and doing nothing in particular. There are no concrete plans for near or distant future. I don’t possess any specialised skill set either that I can put to use to earn some money or contribute meaningfully to the cause of the society or nation. Above all I am not planning to pursue any activity – either as a hobby or a new skill to keep myself occupied.

Yet I haven’t stopped dreaming about a better tomorrow. Knowing fully well that from here onwards, money supply will be limited or at least it will not be expanding, health will only deteriorate ( bones have already started creaking), new acquisitions or possessions will be severely curtailed …… I can go on and on with such downcast aspects – but it’s the human spirit that sustains one’s belief in a tomorrow that’s better than today.

It’s not as if there’s no basis for the above belief and it’s only a pipe dream, notwithstanding the above setbacks as enumerated! There are hopes of children ( immediate and grand) achieving what we failed to do, travelling to lands hitherto unseen, meditating for peaceful mind and healthy body, sharing my learning and experiences with abide seekers and having a country that’s the best in the world ! Objectives might have changed from being personal to more abstract, the belief for a better tomorrow subsists and will, most likely, sustain till the last breath.

2 thoughts on “Better tomorrow

  1. We are born with two dates hard-coded in our system. Manufacturing date and Sell By date. Whereas the manufacturing date is known to all, the Sell By date is a big question mark. At this point in our lives, it’s best to live in the moment. Enjoy the sunrise every day like it was the last one. And enjoy things like there was no tomorrow. Other things will nicely fall into place. I am doing that now and loving it.


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