Light amongst the gloom

Many of my readers are rather surprised at my reduced output of fresh blogs. The expectation was that having retired from active service, my writing would become more prolific. However, for a considerable period post my retirement, I was with my daughter’s family where the two munchkins kept me busy leaving me with no time or thought for writing. However, of late, in spite of abundant time, I have not felt inspired to pen something new. May be, when I was working, I was coming across people and events that triggered ideas for a blog. Now that I am hardly meeting or interacting with a large set of people, the new ideas seem to have dried up. Current affairs, my other passion, seem to be hitting a new low that’s providing me with a solid reason to stay away from the realm of politics. In fact questions such as are the events in Maharashtra and Bihar similar or while one is virtuous and ethical the other is vicious and unethical? What’s now happening in Jharkhand? News were prophesying imminent and immediate fall of Hemant government! Is RG’s padyatra a hit or a flop? Is it going to reverse sagging fortunes of congress? Now that Ghulam Nabi Azad has severed connections with Congress, what’s going to his next step? And what Captain Amarinder Singh is going to bring on the table for BJP? What’s happening in Canada where Khalistan movement seems to be getting revived? And who were responsible for riots in Manchester? What’s going to be Hon’ble Supreme Court’s last word on Hijab controversy? What’s all this hullabaloo about PFI and why it was proliferating till date?

On top of it, we hear about an uneven monsoon that’s led to shortfall in sowing targets that, in turn, could add to food inflation! And while Russia Ukraine war seems to be unceasing, there are new frontiers being opened in the erstwhile Soviet states!

I must confess, it’s all very negative and very uninspiring for an eternal optimist and a positive thinker like me. I am not sure what could clear these dark clouds hovering above us and bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

May be it could happen from now onwards, today being Mahalaya, the start of Durga Puja celebrations and nine days of fun and frolic beginning with the first Navratri tomorrow.

Happy Mahalaya and Navratri! Let the colours of Navratri paint our lives in the most vibrant colours.

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