Ganpati Bappa Morya- An ode to him in his obeisance

Oh the most benevolent Lord Ganesha

On this day we pray to you oh Ganesha

Your beloved devotees seek peace, happiness and love

The problems galore affecting us make them look up to you above

Let there be rains but no floods that destroy everything

No one faces drought to to end his life but live with a zing

Everyone gets enough food

No one starves and be in the wood

There’s love, empathy and trust amongst us

Let nothing, not even religion divide us

Territorial claims and claims of supremacy

May yield way to wisdom ending this lunacy

Corona, monkey pox and such epidemics

May get obliterated from earth by medics

You have created a world most beautiful

And given us everything the most plentiful

If our greed and avarice for more and more

Can be curbed, and be shown the door

You Bappa has provided enough to us

To lead a life with great happiness and zest!

It’s a small prayer, straight from the heart, addressed to our beloved Bappa as while we are celebrating this Ganesh festival with the same gaiety, there seems to be great pain and agony inflicted upon our fellow brethren by floods, droughts, wars, enmities, inflation and of course mutual suspicion and hatred! May Bappa accept our hearty obeisance to him!

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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