Role Model

When the politics, economics, current affairs etc fail to provide any provocation or inspiration, thoughts from Mahatria are always there to spark your imagination for a blog. His recent utterance says:

“In the history of the world there has been nobody like you.

To the infinite of times to come there will be nobody like you.

You are unique, rare, original.

You are a master piece, Master“s piece.”

It’s true that most of us have role models whom we want to emulate. I think our first role model are our parents then teachers and then come our colleagues, bosses, sportspersons, actors, politicians etc not necessarily in that order. While we can definitely pick up some virtues from people we come in contact with and get inspired by, the fact is that each one of us is unique, as created by God. God uses a mould for his creation only once and destroys it after that and therefore, there’s no point to be yearning to become someone else.

I was not born very strong or rich

Nor did I excel in my studies;

I didn’t reach the peak in my career

Nor was I always free from worries.

Yet when I reconciled to be myself

A sense of calm and peace prevailed upon me

Now I live each day as it comes

And enjoy the nature’s freebie!

Thanks Mahatria for continuing to help us in improving our lives.

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