Sunday the big day

For almost 6 decades, almost because this feeling took the root once I started going to school at the age of 5, Sunday has been the most important day to look forward to. It’s a day of rest, recuperation, fun and enjoyment. You get up late as there’s no office or school. All the meals are not only relaxed but also special. And this is the day to enjoy siesta, the afternoon post lunch nap that’s more refreshing. In fact, it’s the most important day as it prepares you to face the struggles of the new week ahead.

As I wake up this Sunday, the first one after my retirement, a thought comes to my mind forcing me to wonder now that each day of the week is like Sunday, whether Sunday’s importance is going to vanish or pale? Apart from several other routines, whether this decades old or should I say lifelong excitement to look forward to a Sunday and actually enjoying it going to subside?

Based on this, I have tried to compose a few rhyming lines in verse that read as below:

When there’s no school, no office,

And fun every moment, every day;

It makes me think and wonder,

Has the special status vanished for Sunday?

When a strict teacher was to be avoided,

And a not too amiable boss evaded;

The weekends seemed to be very special,

And Sunday was eagerly awaited!

Tension filled week after week,

That entailed daily rigmarole and grind;

Sunday brought in a whiff of fresh air

Giving an opportunity to relax and unwind.

And Sunday was not only about break and rest

But family time and good food as well;

Even newspapers and TV on Sunday,

Were very interesting and very special.

Am I going to lose the charm of this great day

Now that everyday is going to be a Sunday;

Don’t quite think so for my body and system are wired,

The very way to welcome and celebrate this special day!

4 thoughts on “Sunday the big day

  1. I do relate to what you’ve written Arvind . Sunday is always special. The day was reserved to get special pampering from Dad with a movie or a mutton curry to cap it. As we grew up further it meant bonding over gully cricket or gilli danda and if there’s some time left try and catch the eye of that beautiful girl many boys vied for. As we got more responsible( grew up further), Sundays were also set aside to catch up on studies and notes.

    Of course, for those like me Sundays also involved the regimented trot to the church , like it or not.

    Sundays will never lose its charm even after you retire , remain assured

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