Unconditional gratitude

I continue to receive thoughts expressed by the great Mahatria, courtesy my former colleague and friend, an ardent follower of the holy guru. What makes Mahatria a tad different from other gurus is the practicality of his teaching. All his teaching relates to our day to day life, relationships, conduct etc.

Today’s thought made a deep impression on my mind. It reads:

What your parents
‘do or do not do’
should never alter your gratitude for them.

I have come across several persons holding a childhood grudge – better opportunities provided to a sibling, higher study abroad not funded, no property inherited, deprivation from childhood pleasures due to strict attitude or insufficient means and the list is endless. I myself intended to go for higher studies and desired to make a career in academics, but had to abandon my studies for a job as my father was retiring soon and in middle class families, parents aimed at fulfilling familial responsibilities before stoppage of regular income.

However, Mahatria’s thought took me back to my childhood days reminding me of the sacrifices made by both my parents in bringing their children up. How they cut their own expenses and virtually lived on shoestring budget to fulfil our requirements to the best of their ability came in front of my eyes in a flash! And they never let their children experience the constraints that they underwent.

It’s foolish of children to accuse their parents of discriminating between siblings or holding any other form of grudge against them. Parents always live for their children and what they do or do not do can be attributed to their circumstances, but definitely not intent. Our gratitude towards our parents should be unconditional without any caveats. We seek peace and happiness and run to religious abodes but the same eludes us if we ignore our parents or are begrudged with them.

I bow my head before Mahatria for in our day to day struggle and rigmarole, we sometimes forget simple wisdom.

9 thoughts on “Unconditional gratitude

  1. Dear Sir ,

    I just want to say thank you again for choosing to write a blog. It’s a pleasure to read your blog .



  2. Sir, this is so beautifully penned. I totally agree to the fact that whatever our parents could do or could not do for us is the reason we could be where we are today.

    I wouldnt consider myself at any great position today though, but would still consider myself fortunate that their blessings has enabled me to achieve that little bit which not everyone may be fortunate enough to have by their side.

    While each one struggles through various hardships, efforts and commitment to do what they do, it is definitely the blessings that have worked for me as hardwork and efforts alone don’t always reap results in everyone’s case but that along with the blessings of elders definitely helps.


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