Writing on the wall

Change is happening faster than we can ever imagine. While transition from tape recorder to cassette player might have taken decades and from cassette to CD, probably at least one decade. CD to DVD to pen drive to pods and finally to music apps has happened at breakneck pace. Similarly transition from rotary phones to buttons system might have taken decades but look at the mobile technology and it’s pace of change. This applies to virtually everything around us. The way we used to do shopping, banking, film viewing, traveling is different today from what we were doing just a few years back.

When we look at the hindsight, we always wonder that why those who were so badly affected by change could not read the writing on the wall? Where are the TV manufacturers ( Televista, JK, Texla, Crown etc), music equipment makers ( Murphy, Thomson etc), bulb makers ( Sylvania), car manufacturers ( Ambassador, Standard, Premier) today?

The fact is that change is happening all the time around us, but we fail to notice it, being preoccupied in our day to day routine! I can clearly see writing on the wall for petrol/ diesel run cars and two wheelers ( e vehicles are catching up and other technologies are also at work), petrol pumps ( we already have huge requirement of CNG stations and very soon we will need e charging points), coal based energy producers, tutorials and coaching centres, kirana shops, electrical/ electronic repairing shops, tailors, cobblers etc. We must brace for these changes that are going to happen sooner than we can think and accordingly, re-skill the large swathes of population to obviate redundancy.

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