No cliches – women are equal to men

Gender equality is a cliche,

Women empowerment is a cliche;

Equal job opportunities is a cliche,

Even freedom to women to dress is a cliche;

Respecting women for they are mothers, sisters and daughters is a big cliche,

Assigning value to the job of home maker is even a bigger cliche;

Every daughter born is Laxmi is a cliche,

Girls should study medicine is a cliche;

Deciding their marriageable age is cliche,

Sharing investment details with one’s wife is a cliche!

Why are these cliches and what not is a cliche?

All the above lead to discrimination ,

Let’s now stop this recrimination;

A woman is equal to man in all respects,

Let’s stop looking for their negative aspects ;

For even if they are born slightly physically inferior ,

God has given woman an ability that makes her far superior ;

While the man can only fight, lose, destroy or kill,

Woman creates and that’s her God given skill!

Happy woman’s day ! By avoiding the cliches in our daily lives, we can make each day a woman’s day and a happy one at that!

2 thoughts on “No cliches – women are equal to men

  1. Totally agree with your views Sir.
    Each day is a women’s day and everyday one continues to grow stronger.

    Happy Women’s Day today and everyday….to all the women


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