Save this world o lord

A fellow blogger, whom I follow and who, in turn, follows me has penned a very heart rending poem on the war and its utility. With the current Russian- Ukrainian war wreaking havoc, more so on innocent citizenry, especially of Ukraine, the situation is quite grim. India faces additional challenge of extricating large number of Indian students studying in Ukrainian institutions.

Under the circumstances, I also feel distressed and I think verse is a natural outcome of an aggrieved heart. My lines read as below:

Why the peace is at perpetual threat

On this our Mother Earth?

The issue may be any

But is a war of any worth?

Nations could be big or small

And not each one has the same muscle power

But are we living in a primitive world

Where might is right seems to be the only order

And who wins the war?

There are only losers

For destruction spares none

Neither the defenders nor the aggressors!

When everything else fails

And peacekeeper to the world appears toothless

We can only look skywards

For miracle happens only with his kindness!

2 thoughts on “Save this world o lord

  1. Respected Sir,. Some watch war with excitement only for information and news while few are left for human kindness. In these turbulent times , Your Goodself Blog brings fresh whiff of understanding pain of aggrieved and kindness. Kindness is best weapon of War to end war.


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