Such is life!

While I turned a regular blogger only a few years back, writing has been a passion for quite some time. I accidentally came across an old piece of paper containing an old anecdote. Like my most of the writing, this piece has no dependence on the date as the incident remains unique in spite of it being more than a decade old. I reproduce this anecdote, as written in hand on a scrap of paper sometime during May 2011. It reads:

This month I turn one short of half- century- 49 years old to be precise. All these 49 years, I have lived a very simple and straight life. I still retain my original moustache ( only occasionally trimmed during the hair cutting sessions at the salon) , worn no jewellery (ear studs, rings or thick gold chains flaunting hairy chest) , kept short crew cut hair and never indulged in luxuries such as facial or massage. The only liberty I have taken is to colour my hair the natural way using henna. Actually, I started greying quite early in my life and my wife suggested to cover streaks of grey with natural henna, soaked overnight in a black iron vessel mixed with some other proven herbs such as amla and shikakai powders. She had actually learnt that by applying this concoction at the very beginning restricted further greying and in fact, led to permanent blackening of strands already turned grey! However, these claims proved to be wrong and the frequency at which henna was applied on my head gradually increased from once a month to almost every week! My hair became dark red ( or rust coloured)!

My wife, being a proponent of the cause, persisted with her effort dutifully and indulgently affirmed that I looked good with this red top. The market seemed to think otherwise! I could make out the by the bemused looks on the face of people in my contact as also cheesy comments behind my back ( red haired/ horsey).

A few days ago, a very senior colleague of mine, while in the midst of a very serious official meeting, digressed from the topic to ask me as to why I was colouring my hair? As per him, with such good looks and sharp features, salt and pepper on my top would give me drop dead gorgeous looks! On returning home I told my wife that the time had come for me to stop hennaing my hair and keep my head top natural. Of course, she was crestfallen, but being a loving wife, she was also wary about my career prospects! Gradually, the last traces of henna wore off my head and in the midst of all the salt, I am trying to search for a few grains of pepper. In a few nights, my status has changed from bhaiya to uncleji and the worst scenario is, people offering me seats reserved for senior citizens in local train and BEST bus. The senior colleague looks at me sympathetically as drop dead gorgeous looks seem elusive, the only solace being these looks seem to be a tad better than red haired horsey one!

4 thoughts on “Such is life!

  1. Sir, nicely penned it. I equally enjoyed reading it.
    People do change their perception of a person over the hair colour.


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