A personal note for Jattender Dassi

I distinctly remember the year and the month – April 2012. I had just moved to the wholesale bank as Head CBO after spending 2 years in the unchartered territory of retail banking. As it was the promotion time, the then Head WBO was consolidating recommendations for eligible candidates from WBO comprising three verticals- CBO, TxBO and TO. That was the first time, I heard Jattender Dassi’s (JD) name. The then Head, TO was animatedly and passionately pushing JD’s name. Of course, I was pushing my own candidates’ names from CBO, but being very new to CBO and WBO, my voice didn’t carry the requisite weight. Though the results that year were not on the expected lines and I hardly had any major influence on the outcome, as aforementioned, for me it was a very strong first cut impressionistic view of JD’s virtues and qualities, for as a leader myself, I knew when would a leader go out of way in recommending a candidate! Of course, when I took over as Head WBO in 2015, I got the first whiff of what JD was all about and why his bosses rated him so high! Power house of knowledge, hard working, full of spirit of cooperation and camaraderie and yet humility personified that was my assessment of JD. Leave apart TO, for anything to do with WBO, I would run to him as my man Friday, like an administrative assistant and he never let me down, rather exceeded my expectation task after task. And this he did with perpetual smile and enthusiasm. I saw him as the future leader, which, given his versatility, could have been anything! But then he chose to rewrite his destiny and explore possibilities outside me, my vertical and my organisation. It was with heavy heart that I acceded to his request for severance. After all, what a boss is without a great team and how can a great team be formed without great talent like JD? I can only wish him a great journey ahead, which I am sure will be very eventful and rewarding. I will always have the satisfaction of having worked with the likes of JD, who helped me take my franchise to great heights! All the best JD! I shall follow your progress in life from the sidelines and likewise many other admirers of yours will also do the same and not necessarily from the sidelines for youngsters may have several milestones to cross before moving to sidelines!

All the best! Stay in touch and give us liberty to reach out to you, whenever we need you!

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9 thoughts on “A personal note for Jattender Dassi

  1. Sir, this is so apt. I fully agree with each and every sentence written above. To me also he has been a mentor as well as a senior to whom I can look upon whenever in doubt. Always approachable.

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  2. I still remember the day Dassi sir and Anjali ma’am interviewed me. It didn’t started with formal introductions. It was simple, sir started, ‘its good to see tie and formals after a long’
    Suddenly the call was never about testing my abilities or knowledge but what all I can learn about treasury, investment and how I should approach my future. I never know when and how sir examined me for a role.
    I must say, that call gave me the direction to approach financial world. We’ll miss the tips and data points for presentation, more than anything the direction…
    Thank you sir..


  3. Thank you so much Sir. I owe it all to your mentoring and unending support on everything. It is going to be a big miss for me as well but would certainly be in touch.

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  4. So true and as individual I have grown personally and professionally under his guidance and leadership and blessed to have got the opportunity to work with him.


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