Change is the name of the game

Received a beautiful post on WhatsApp from my friend on new year resolution. The post gives one a choice to be either a duck – who just quacks and makes no effort to get out of the rigmarole or an eagle – who soars high in search of new horizons!

Actually, it applies to all of us at all points of time. Let’s take the example of the grocery shop next door. First it’s business was impacted once megastores such as D’mart and Big Bazaar came into play and e tailers like Flipkart, Amazon and Gtofers seem to have put the final nail in their coffin. But who’s to be blamed? Did you ever find any difference between two neighbouring retail shops? Did any of these have any USP? Half of the things they generally don’t have, they just read out MRP and sell their stuff ( worst a few of them put their own stickers hiding the company MRP) and are seldom courteous! In contrast, superstore shelves are well stocked, offering choice to the buyers, they have attractive offers running (1+1 etc), their prices are discounted and they offer shopping in comfortable environs.

Kali peeli taxis and autos have seen their business getting severely dented thanks to Olas and Ubers of the world. Again who is to be blamed? These drivers were rude, discourteous, had rickety and dirty vehicles and were not reliable!

And this is true for all walks of life! Organisations are continuously evolving with newer strategies, business models and technology. Either we as part of the organisation can grumble about the good old days ( like a quacking duck) or re/up skill ourselves to match the company’s expectations and philosophy by soaring high ( like an eagle)!

Things are changing faster than ever before! Any new technology is likely to be replaced by a superior one in no time rendering the previous technology redundant. Let’s gear up ourselves and be ready to accept the challenge! We can just lament about the good old days but this lamentation will take us nowhere.

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