Round up of 2021

The year 2021 started on a rather sour note for me personally. Having just recovered from Covid myself, I got the news of my octogenarian mother falling victim to the virus. And mind you, the second wave was very harsh on the senior citizens and was also highlighted by shortage of hospital beds and oxygen as also vital medicines. However, my mother defeated Corona. I and my wife received covishield vaccine and it seemed that the end of the virus was near. But it continued to wreak havoc and lockdowns were back. Several families lost their dear ones and we did not remain untouched.

On other fronts, India did well in olympics and Neeraj Chopra gladdened the hearts by winning gold. India, however, fared badly in T20 World Cup. Farmer agitation that started upon passing of three farm bills came to a thankful end towards the end of the year. The economy started recovery in tandem with recession of coronavirus, but towards the end, a new variant, omicron has raised its ugly head causing renewed uncertainty.

I think, one thing is eminently clear. The mankind must learn from pandemic and collectively try to make this world a better, safer and more liveable place. Otherwise, we may not use destructive weapons on each other, but nature will destroy us.

One thought on “Round up of 2021

  1. Rightly narrated about 2021. Future is uncertain which was evident in 2021 which otherwise was expected to be sunrise post darkness of 2020. No time stay always..end of 2021 has come.

    Respected Sir, The year was full of Blogs of Your Goodself , which all augur well of mankind, influence behaviour and ultimately are saviours of pious Indian Culture . We thank you for imparting knowledge that kept us glued to culture.


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