We spent considerable time in South Africa with our daughter’s family and till our return around Diwali, the term Omicron was unheard of. Now suddenly everyone is expressing relief that we could make it safely back to India avoiding the omicron outbreak in that country, though personally it’s no relief for us for our children are very much there and sitting here we remain concerned about their well being.

First it was Covid and when the world seemingly was getting handle on it, we heard about Delta variant – more virulent and more transmittable. And when the Delta seemed to be going into oblivion, we now have omicron. When a crisis tests you – your health, patience, finance, relationships. prospects – beyond your bearing capacity, apart from looking towards the medical fraternity for some critical breakthrough, most of us also look skywards towards the Divine Master, the creator of this world.

Read outside Mahim Church this morning, “ Omnipotent can erase omicron! Change fear to faith!” I think when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, faith in the omnipotent is very soothing and heart warming!

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