Nothing to do

There’s an advertisement being aired these days in which a person deeply engrossed in eating chocolate is unaware of everything happening around and his inaction is proving to be benevolent to others. These beneficiaries, in fact, thank the chocolate eater for not doing anything.

If not doing anything is so cool that it has been used as an underlying idea for effective advertising, I am not sure as to why people around me are getting so much worked up about my impending retirement. The first question that’s posed to me is, “ What are you going to do after retirement? “ and I always thought that retirement meant that one had to to nothing !

And unlike the chocolate eater in the ad, I am not a born idler! In fact, I am going to retire after having slogged very hard for almost 4 decades! Moreover, I am not completely bereft of any interest, passion or talent ! I am an avid reader, love to travel and already have a blogging site that has over 700 blogs! I want to read, write and travel and these three combined should not add up to “ Nothing to do.”

As a tot I played with toys

And as a child I studied with boys!

In college I had my companion in books

And ensured that life never got off the hook!

As a professional I worked diligently

And planned my life most intelligently!

Deferred all my passions and interest to later life

Along with plan to spend quality time with my wife

Now that the time for leisure and joy is in the offing

People are agog with anticipation as to what next I am doing

When I tell them that I intend to do nothing

They sneer at me as if I am good for nothing!

On a lighter note, I want to assure my readers that once free from my official obligations , I am most likely not going to be in “ Nothing to do” category and they should not fear bombardment of blogs, messages and posts from me. People around me will ensure that I don’t become an idler. In fact, I am shortly planning to start looking for new jobs! 😃

6 thoughts on “Nothing to do

  1. I’ve no doubt that you would have your hands full reading, writing and rithmatic. 😂. Traveling is a great idea and provides good material for writing.
    The two things to remember are maintaining perfect health and fighting boredom.

    By the way, when is the due date?


    1. That’s very important clue Dada – my knees are troubling me though my experience with early surgery for hemorrhoids is that surgery be avoided as far as possible. To answer your question, 31st May is my last day in Axis, of course if allowed to continue to till then! Axis is a completely changed place.


      1. The Bank started losing its humanity from Jan 2010 or thereabouts. It became a tense situation for all employees from then onwards. The older you were the more were the chances of getting an early pink slip. I don’t want to re-live those days. Best of luck for completing the remainder of your term.
        I got a knee replaced recently. It is a terrible experience no matter what the doctors say. Life is never the same afterwards. It’s been over three months since the operation but I am still limping…. But if your situation is really bad then it’s best to go through with it. Be warned that it is extremely painful for the next two months at least.


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