Seniority and old age

Just received a beautiful post on WhatsApp in which the protagonist, a senior citizen colourfully dressed, objects to be a called an old man and insists that he be addressed as a senior citizen. An old man represents old age while a senior citizen represents seniority. He then goes on to explain the essential difference between the two. He says that while an old person laments about the past, a senior citizen adapts to new way of life. An old person looks for and seeks support while a senior citizen provides support and is a source of inspiration. Old man awaits the end while a senior citizen awaits a new morning with enthusiasm.

The protagonist further goes on to advise that age is just a number that should not in any way come in the way of the quality of life. And while most of this post is about mindset and attitude, it propagates the need to dress colourfully, which is symbolic of retaining colour in one’s life.

Age is just a number

That should not matter the way we live

Old age is just one of many stages

You have so much experience to give!

Keep good health and eat well

After all what’s there for you to prove

Spread love, affection and goodwill

Life will treat you with respect and love!

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