Conversation and communication

There are two type of people – conversation makers and conversation killers. Conversation makers feed conversation by engrossing themselves fully into conversation. On the contrary, conversation killers are in a hurry to end a conversation.

An essential difference between a conversation maker and conversation killer is that a conversation maker expresses keen interest in the topic on which conversation is happening. He makes conversation interesting by fuelling it with the facts that he has about the topic and raising questions on the things that are alien or not known. A conversation killer shows no interest in the topic and either tries to change the topic or presents a blank face to the starter of the conversation.

A versatile converser is one who can carry on conversation on large number of topics, an ability that arises from one’s exposure to diversified subjects mainly due to the habit of reading. He or she also has ability to shift levels and gears depending on the person on the other side. One should be able to carry on a conversation with the same aplomb with a 6 years old as with an eighty years old, He or she is generally equally at ease with a sportsman, a litterateur or a scholar.

This as much applies to oratory too. Oration is like a conversation with audience and unless there’s a connect, which is established mainly by evoking interest in them, a speech is also like a one way communication likely to be killed without achieving any purpose.

The thought for this blog once again is attributable to ever so relevant perspective of the great Mahatria, whose gems are being shared with me daily by one of his ardent followers. These are motivational, inspiring and capable of changing our approach towards life. His yesterday’s Pearl that inspired the above blog read:

“People find you interesting only when you show interest in what they are interested in.”

4 thoughts on “Conversation and communication

  1. Great post, you’re so right about conversation killers, it’s not hard to spot the signs 😊 just a shift in approach changes the whole dynamic, not mention how you make the other person feel.


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