Happy world daughters’ day

I just infer from media that today, being the fourth Sunday of the month of September, it is being celebrated the world over as international daughters day.

I think given the most recent development of the return of Taliban in the neighbouring state of Afghanistan and their first action as the ruling bloc being confining the women of the country to within the four walls of their homes, the importance of this occasion cannot be over emphasised. And while the development in Afghanistan was a foregone conclusion upon the return of Taliban to power, the continuous oppression of women in the patriarchal societies shows that notwithstanding the tremendous advancement in different fields, certain mindsets have resisted all these advancements.

I think a daughter need not be seen as a daughter as that immediately invokes a feeling of burden, marriage, paraya dhan, weaker sex, limitations et al. Every woman – be it a mother, a sister, a wife, a niece, an aunt, a colleague, a friend – is someone’s daughter and if it think on these lines then suddenly it becomes a totally different perspective and feeling.

A happy international daughters day to not only my but all the daughters of world.

I was born the same way as was my brother

Why he got all the love and I became a bother?

Why he got the best – gifts, education and life?

The focus on me was to become somebody’s wife!

Why he enjoyed the best of childhood?

I was put under all the restrictions you could!

I heard you once saying if I could be your second son

Life for you would have been a perpetually shining sun!

But if no daughter like me gets to see this world

How the humans will survive is a million dollar question!

Love me,nurture me and make me independent

Earth for sure will become a better planet!

8 thoughts on “Happy world daughters’ day

  1. Having a daughter is a blessing that brings a lot of joy and excitement in one’s life. Girls are affectionate, loving, and curious and they fill the house with laughter and beauty. They are also very loyal, always ready to help and to get involved in new things. Having a daughter is like having a younger best friend.❤️


  2. I feel overwhelm when Your excellency write about herself the precious.The rhyming lines fill in me deep breath and love for her.

    I am forunate to have daughter too. It is considered highest sacrifice when we part from her after parenting her since birth. She is like bless of God directly at Home when she utters “Papa..”


  3. Sir, its a beautiful poem on daughters.
    As a daughter and with due respect to all sons, I feel it is rightly said that a son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for all days of her life.

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  4. A daughter is a daughter and she is loved by her parents, brothers,sisters,cousins for all days of her life. And I am blessed ♥️♥️


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