One liners

Sometimes one liners can create a deep and lasting impact on one’s mind. I received a post from one of my WhatsApp group acquaintances that was meant to bring out a laughter or two, but ended up making an impact on the heart and mind. Let me loosely translate these one liners that are originally in Hindi:

कल सैलून वाले क़ी दुकान पर एक स्लोगन पढा़ ..
“हम दिल का बोझ तो नहीं पर सिर का बोझ जरूर हल्का कर सकते हैं “..🤣

Yesterday came across this slogan at hair cutting salon that read – “ We may not lighten the load of your heart, but can definitely make your head lighter.”

It’s a nice interpretation of reducing the burden on one’s head – literally speaking from one’s head!

लाइट क़ी दुकान वाले ने बोर्ड के नीचे लिखवाया ..
“आपके दिमाग की बत्ती भले ही जले या ना जले,परंतु हमारा बल्ब ज़रूर जलेगा “.. 🤣

A board at the electrical shop, “ your mind may not flash an idea, but our bulb will flash in your room and light it up.”

Dimag ki batti is typical Hindi saying, having no literal equal in English, but flashing and idea and light do go hand in hand.

चाय के होटल वाले ने काउंटर पर लिखवाया ..
“मैं भले ही साधारण हूँ, पर चाय स्पेशल बनाता हूँ।”🤣

Written at a tea shop read, “ I may be ordinary, but my tea is special.”

This one is a take on special tea that all our tea stalls have on offer.

एक रेस्टोरेंट ने सबसे अलग स्लोगन लिखवाया ..
“यहाँ घऱ जैसा खाना नहीं मिलता, आप निश्चिंत होकर अंदर पधारें।” 😃😟

Slogan outside a restaurant, “ Walk in with confidence; we assure you that we don’t serve home like food. “

I found this to be the best. We always get fascinated by the cafe round the corner claiming to be offering homely food. But do we go to restaurants to replicate the experience of in-house dining?

इलेक्ट्रॉनिक दुकान पर स्लोगन पढ़ा तो मैं भाव विभोर हो गया ..
“अगर आपका कोई फैन नहीं है तो यहाँ से ले जाइए “..😂

An appliance shop had a notice, “ if you have no fan (as in admirer or follower), take one from us.”

This is typical example of an English word having multiple usages.

गोलगप्पे के ठेले पर एक स्लोगन लिखा था ..
“गोलगप्पे खाने के लिए दिल बड़ा हो ना हो, मुँह बड़ा रखें, पूरा खोलें” ..🤣

A Panipuri vendor had an interesting slogan on his cart, “ Even if you are not large hearted, keep your mouth open large so that our panipuris can go inside smoothly.”

Big hearted is a positive quality, but big mouthed is not- but I liked the subtlety.

फल भंडार वाले ने तो स्लोगन लिखने की हद ही कर दी ..
“आप तो बस कर्म करिए, फल हम दे देंगे “.. 🤣

A fruit vendor had a beautiful interpretation of the core message of Bhagvad Gita that read, “ you perform your karma ( duty) , we will give you fruit! “

This is another superb example of interpreting the core message of Bhagvad Gita in a contrarian way. Gita’s message is not to crave for the fruit of our action, but this fruit vendor is rewarding us with fruits !

घड़ी वाले ने एक ग़ज़ब स्लोगन लिखा ..?
“भागते हुए समय को बस में रखें, चाहे दीवार पर टांगें, चाहे हाथ पर बांधें…”..🤣

A watch shop had this statement on its walls,” Keep time in your control – either by hanging it on your hand or wall! “

This is difficult to translate as time bhaag raha hai is typical though in English we do say that time flies.

ज्योतिषी ने बोर्ड पर स्लोगन लिखवाया۔
“आइए .. मात्र 100 रुपए में अपनी ज़िंदगी के आने वाले एपिसोड देखिए …”🤣

An astrologer’s placard read, “ Watch the future episodes of your life for Rs100.”

When OTT’s are offering anything in episodes, episodic viewing is more in vogue rather than the entire picture.

बालों के तेल क़ी एक कंपनी ने हर प्रोडक्ट पर एक स्लोगन लिखा ..
“भगवान ही नहीं, हम भी बाल बाल बचाते हैं।” ..😂😀🤣

A hair oil manufacturing company’s UDP, “ Why only God, even we save you from a close shave!”

This was a real tough one though bal bal bachna and close shave do have a salon in common!

Hope you all enjoy these interesting one liners that have a nice interpretation around them.

11 thoughts on “One liners

  1. Really Nice Creations of who created. Nicely Translated also Sir. Blog has rather created robust impact.

    I love one liners. Sir would request one more such article whenever You find time. Thanks.

    Pls allow me to share one here out of One liner behind Trucks which i used to peruse eagerly… it was smaller Carriage and it appeared driver used to drive fast , tailgate stated…. “कह देना बसंती आई थी ।”


  2. I once saw these one-liners on the signbaord of a Clothes Dyeing Shop….:WE DYE TO LIVE, WE LIVE TO DYE. THE MORE WE DYE THE MORE WE LIVE, THE MORE WE LIVE THE MORE WE DYE


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