A salute to my friends

I just finished a rather difficult book, H for Hawk. The book is about solitude and loneliness and how an untamed beast, a Hawk, provides company to the protagonist. The book is full of falconry and literature thereon and there’s a parallel track on certain Mr White, a split personality, whose attempts at falconry, which he takes to overcome the complexities in his personality, actually pushes him deeper into the quagmire.

And I am happy that I finished this book on the friendship day, as it highlights the importance of company in one’s life and who else but the friends provide the same!

Lucky are those who enter into lasting friendships. Just as I am penning this blog, I have finished exchanging greetings on the occasion of birthday of wife of my school buddy. And it’s a matter of great pride that a few of these friendships commenced not towards the end of the schooling but right at the very start, which was way back in 1968! And now many of us are on the verge of retiring from the active careers and are grandparents!

More luckily, the process of making friends didn’t stop with the school. The list has only grown with friends from college, first job, subsequent jobs, neighbourhoods and on social media like Facebook and Instagram embellishing my life with experience and happiness!

While parents occupy Supreme place, siblings are lifelong companions, relatives provide social support and one’s spouse is expected to be one’s best friend, a friendship is more unique a relationship in the sense it’s bereft of any expectations, formalities or rituals.

Let me complete this eulogy to friendship by writing an ode that says:

A friend is no ordinary thief

For he steals our tears, sorrows and miseries

And he never gets caught

For his love runs in our arteries!

And a friendship is a relationship

Beyond the cast, religion or creed

He’s always there for us to justify the adage

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Happy friendship day to all my friends.

14 thoughts on “A salute to my friends

  1. Passionate writing skills you have Arya sir, I get confused while dealing with you as to what should I consider you a Boss, a Colleague, a friend or a blessed elder who is always there to support and advise, whatever the matter and situation be. I have felt in my critical times that talking to you works like applying a soothing balm on forehead, I feel so relaxed. On this friendship day I thank you for always being there as a good friend

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  2. True friends are hard to find, but l have one. True friends last for long long time.
    Happy friendship day 💐💐


  3. Wish you well as ever Arvind! Keeping friends in memory is a character building act. It needs key discipline attributes like patience forgiving et al! Well said!


  4. So well depicted the inertia of friendship, Arya.. I am proud, privileged and happy to have a friend like you.. wishing you all best.. keep writing…


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