Received an interesting WhatsApp post from my friend Sunil Babbar informing that rational number 22/7 is greater than pi. Further search on the net reveals that if using the systematic method the value of pi works out to 3.1459 then it’s value is indeed less than 22/7, which approximately works out to 3.142857. But this is trivia. More importantly we write 22nd July as 22/7 that’s also value of pi. All our life we have used formulas for calculating circumference and area of circle as 2pir and pir square! But for me, it holds a special significance as it’s my work anniversary day. It was on 22/7 of the year 1985 that I joined State Bank as a probationary officer. Not that my professional life was tasty like a cream pie all along, nevertheless it would continue to be an important day in my life and I continue to cherish the memories.

Net surfing has further revealed that while 22/7 and symbol pi could be a figment of imagination, there’s actually a world pi day celebrated each year on 14th March, based on its numerical value 314!

One thing leads to another! Thanks to Mr Babbar for sharing this interesting post that rekindled my childhood memories ( area and circumference of circle), my youth age memories ( work anniversary) and my old age learning that actually there’s a pi day celebrated in the world!

7 thoughts on “Pi

  1. I shared this forwarded post with the Blogger pie equals to 22/7 . He did excellent critical analysis of theme . Whenever I want to dig more knowledge and interpretation of the subject , I pass it on to Blogger , he does it so efficiently with precision.


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