Life and death

Popular characters from Charles Schulz cartoon strip, Peanuts, Charlie Brown tells his companion, Snoopy, the cute dog, “ Some day we will all die, Snoopy.” In response, Snoopy says, “ True. But on all the other days, we will not.”

Narayan Dhabadkar, an 85 year old senior citizen undergoing Covid treatment in a Nagpur Hospital couldn’t see plight of a lady begging hospital authorities for a bed for her husband who was in a critical state. Mr Dhabadkar got up from his bed and requested hospital authorities to allot his bed to the lady’s husband. When the doctors reminded him of his own critical position, he said, “ At 85 years, I have lived my life. This lady’s husband is much younger and needs to live.” The senior citizen expired at his residence three days later, but in his death he taught all of us the lesson of life.

Snoopy’s statement in Peanuts and the news item on the senior citizen have really changed my perspective of life. We all have to die one day, but on all the other days, we should learn to live life and savour each moment that we breathe. Mr Dhabadkar has taught us about the worth of our lives, where the quality and purpose of existence matter rather than the length.

Covid wave 2 has depressed us. Lives are falling like 9 pins. Lives that can be saved are not being saved for lack of oxygen, hospital beds and life saving drugs. Death seems to be so close – it’s either knocking at our doors or that on the doors if our nears and dears. Under the circumstances, Snoopy’s take on life and Mr Dhabadkar’s courage are great learning to be imbibed.

6 thoughts on “Life and death

  1. We all will win together. Thanks for the write up, as it is bringing some smiles through Snoopy’s statement.


  2. Sir I was waiting for next Blog which is after gap of 6 days uncustomary to Your speed of writing ✍.

    Lesson is deep , profound but is of highest challenge to sacrifice life for other. May I learn from it.


  3. Very rightly put up Sir. The wave 2 is indeed depressing as each one is directly or indirectly impacted, whether big or small, common man or celebrity, near and dear ones..someone on each ones contact is struggling through it.

    Also, have read about not how long, but how well one lived is more important. Mr Dhabadkar had lived it long and really well, even at the extreme end of his life, he taught us an important lesson.


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