Second wave

I was happy to have received first dose of vaccine. Number of cases were falling with each passing day. Frequency of going to office was expected to be increased from 2 days in a week to 3 days. We had started planning our much pending visit to Johannesburg in May /June. And then all of a sudden the second wave of Covid struck from nowhere. Unfortunately, it made the commercial capital of the country its first victim again and daily infections started going up from 2000 to 8000 and panic was set in. Worse, this wave seemed to be more contagious, spreading more rapidly and what used to take 7 to 10 days to affect the lung happened in 2-3 days. Mortality rate started mounting.

As I write this blog, Maharashtra government has already promulgated lockdown. Delhi government is having weekend curfew and several other, hitherto “safe” states- UP, HP, Odisha, WB – are staring at pandemic !

I think it was alright till Holi though enthusiasm of the people in the traditional strongholds of Mathura and Vrindavan seemed a little misplaced. Elections in 4 states and UT of Puducherry were fought as if there was no next day and someone had to meet his or her Waterloo in these elections itself. Leaders exhorted people openly who responded with same gusto albeit without wearing masks or maintaining social distancing ! And Shahi sanan at Kumbh and onset of Ramadan and Hindu new year festivities have only compounded the misery.

Scenes of migrant labourers returning to their natives and commercial establishments downing their shutters are heart rending. Economy had barely started recovering and job scenarios had just started improving when this second wave came to be a spoilsport.

If the entire business establishments have turned to virtual, can’t electioneering be virtual in these pandemic times? In the name of faith, can people expose the entire humanity to the risk of pandemic? Hospitals are overflowing with patients and there is serious shortage of beds and ventilators at some centres. Remedesivir is in short supply and being sold in black market in certain places.

Corona warriors are tired and getting infected themselves. Health infrastructure is creaking. It’s a very grim scenario and unless we all become Corona warriors- strictly observe Corona protocols, avoid going out without purpose, help affected folks and contribute generously – this battle will hurt very deeply. Celebrations and elections will come and go but to savour them we need to exist!

7 thoughts on “Second wave

  1. Things are indeed scary & we all have to be more careful in every step we put forward.

    Take care sir & stay healthy.


  2. This wave really seems to be more dangerous Sir. Even the kids have started getting affected and everyday I’ve been hearing some or the other person known to us is unwell n affected.
    The scene at the Kumbh seems to be more scary where people are behaving as if nothing has happened.
    Just hoping that this wave ends soon and brings back good health and happiness across everywhere.


  3. Rightly said , Need of hour , We get to read wide varities of blogs from Mr. Arya which are very enriching , enlightening , informative and thought provoking etc etc . His spectrum is very broad and wide which is boon for readers like us. Keep pouring your impeccable jewels , we love and admire .


  4. Rightly said that Uptill Holi nothing came to brain to avoid gathering, immediately it has shot up and un think able is happening in between two thoughts whether lockdown would be imposed again or shall have normal business now. You blog timing is also immediate as events are happening around viz night and weekend curfew all of sudden.


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