Metro of Retro

This is a poem written by me especially for a FB group that loves this great city called Mumbai. The effort has been liked very much by the members of this group so I am posting it here at my blog site for perusal by those following my blog. It reads as under:

Metro of Retro

When I first came to Mumbai city
I was mesmerised by its pristine beauty

It was, as they say, love at first sight
View of Arabian Sea from Marine Drive was a sheer delight

Cabbies and auto drivers wore proper dress
They went by the meter and caused no duress

Traffic was systematic and moved in lane
Travelling on roads was a pleasure and not a pain

Fort area was lined up by iconic buildings and had its own charm
There was sea of humanity everywhere but it meant no harm

Shoe house, aquarium and garden that was hanging
Made Mumbai city unique in its offering

And of course the chance of sighting a Bollywood star live
Was the ultimate desire that kept one’s hopes alive

Now that I live here and encounter challenges
I know that city is undergoing necessary changes

Tomorrow’s Mumbai will have coastal roads and world class metro
However, hearts of Mumbaikars will always beat for Mumbai of retro!

Hope my readers too like my effort.

8 thoughts on “Metro of Retro

  1. Marvellous poem which truly finds its place with newcomer who this joins city for livelihood initially catches real essence of Mumbai. Rightly and beautifully penned down by the blogger. A collectors item.


  2. Excellent poem. Somehow it has become too complicated to like or comment, because they are asking me to log in separately and also input my name, email ID, website in addition every time I try to comment. Keep it up Arvind. You are doing extremely well with a copious output of literary gems. Best wishes


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