Colours of Holi

All our major festivals are generally celebrated around the theme of victory of good over evil. Ravana, Kansa and Holika – all represented evils and Lord Vishnu either directly as in the case of Holika or through his incarnation as Rama and Krishna killed these demons to save the humanity.

This demon called Corona virus raised its ugly head around last Holi and it seems to be the utmost evil, who, like a chameleon, changes its colour from Holika to Kansa to Ravana. And while the humanity awaits reincarnation of Vishnu the virus already has reincarnations in the form of UK and South African strains.

A demon is a demon

Call it Ravana, Kansa or Corona as a matter of fact

We need deliverance through divine intervention

And waiting patiently with faith intact !

This Holi let’s pray to whosoever is our cherished divine for colour back in lives for we need not only human unity but also unified divine force !

10 thoughts on “Colours of Holi

  1. Absolutely Sir, very well depicted, just when we thought we could place Corona behind us, like and behold it’s raised its ugly head again. Do we look at this with renewed vigour and defeat it, it’s in our hands to exercise caution and not do anything foolhardy. Yes we require the extra blessings of all the Lords we know, we should come out unscathed. 👍

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  2. One of India’s oldest & most spectacular celebrations begins today#Holi, festival of Colours!
    Let’s hope next year we’ll go back to normal.


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