Hurray ! I am vaccinated!

As I got my first dose of vaccination today, a strange feeling crossed my mind, contrary to the elation suggested by the blog’s title. A cure is not permanent as it just relieves the symptom and the ailment can come back, but a vaccination is more permanent for it leads to formation of anti bodies that ensure that the ailment vaccinated against doesn’t recur. While firstly I got cured from Corona and now I am vaccinated and hopefully, may not suffer the infection again in this lifetime, what about other infections that have built their abode in my heart and mind – jealousy, envy, avarice, cut throat ruthlessness, selfishness, pride, possessiveness – it’s a long list! While exposition by saints, scriptures, philosophers, guides, mentors, friends and elders frequently provides cure from some or all of the above, these ailments comeback each time and with renewed vigour. Caught up in the aforesaid thought, I tried composing a few lines, which read as under:


Vaccine has been discovered

Now I will be Covid proof

I can live my life as usual

And need not stay aloof.

But my heart is still not clear

And mind not without fear

I wish for a vaccine against all my vices

That will make me a better human for my remaining years.

A vaccine that gives me immunity from –

Greed and avarice, yearning for more beyond dal, bread and rice

Desire to win the next race, at any cost and with any face

To be on the top of corporate ladder, by crushing the dreams of my junior cadre

Envy jealousy at others success, for the things to which I don’t get access

The bigotry for other religions and caste, by glorifying only me and my past

Cowardice to look the other way, for things that don’t matter to me and are not in my way

Insecurity to amass the wealth, at the cost of happiness and health

I can go on and on for I have no dearth of vices

But I need a solid vaccination and not mere advices!

Having said so, I plead to all my countrymen to support the Corona vaccination drive and defeat Corona and not wait for the vaccination of writer’s dream!

13 thoughts on “Hurray ! I am vaccinated!

  1. वाह वाह, अरविंद, साथूवाद इतने सुन्दर विचारों के लिए।


    1. आपकी छत्रछाया में रहकर और अधिक प्रवीणता और निपुणता ग्रहण करने की चेष्टा करूँगा


  2. I vehemently disagree. You don’t have an iota of greed, envy, insecurity, cowardice or jealousy in your being. I’ve seen you nurture the dreams of your juniors, never crush it. I’ve seen you celebrate and revel in the uniqueness of others, while being self-deprecating.
    Having said that, yes, this pandemic has been a life-changing event and transformational experience, and those who survive it will tell tales of misery, loneliness, loss, achievements, success, ingenuity, rediscovering relationships and more. Covid has been many things for many people, but most of all, it has been a reminder – of what really matters. That we may be able to buy and own many things, but ultimately our happiness lies not in things but in people and relationships – something that neither a pandemic nor a crashing economy can take away from us.

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  3. Congratulations Sir on being vaccinated.
    Again very well written thoughts Sir. Really worth pondering. Wish there could be a vaccine to do away with these vices.


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