Beautiful Assam

For the first time I went further Northeast up Siliguri to visit Guwahati. Actually, it was accidental as our original plan was to visit our daughter’s family in Johannesburg but thanks to Corona no flight was available and hence this compromise to visit Guwahati.

I was always fascinated by this place – Assam in general and Guwahati in particular. One of my earliest childhood crushes was a beautiful Assamese girl and since that time, Assamese beauty has always mesmerised me! But this certainly was no reason to visit Guwahati – beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and its there all over if you see it with such a lens. It was a combination of lots of factors- division of the original Assam state, change of capital from Shillong to Dispur ( on which I wrote another blog), its tea gardens, wild life, Maa Kamakhya’s abode, beautiful city of Shillong, now capital of Meghalaya, cane and bamboo craft, presence of an old chum of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for ages et al. And I can only say that I wasn’t disappointed in spite of severe travel restrictions due to Covid.

Maa Kamakhya’s abode was understandably divine, my friend’s hospitality awesome, food yummy and sights as scenic as I expected them to be! In short, it was as expected and much more!

A holiday is always exciting and if it packs so much it becomes memorable. We couldn’t visit upper Assam and hence tea gardens; Kaziranga would have been too hectic; some of the other attractions beyond access. But whatever we saw, it was fantastic!

Childhood crush is infatuation

But not my yearning to visit Assam

What I aspired and ultimately saw

Has made me happy and calm!

I am posting a few photos also.

Pobitora wild life reserve of rare one horned rhinos
Another view of beautiful Pobitora reserve – my friend in pic too
Matchless beauty of Barapani enroute Shillong
My wife all drenched in divinity at Maa Kamakhya’s temple

Sacred and mighty River Brahmaputra- lifeline of Assam

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Assam

  1. Sir, North Eastern India is really beautiful from as much as I have heard of and also from the information obtained through your this and earlier blog as well as the pictures. Though this was also on my agenda, to once visit this beautiful part of our country, I now wish I can plan it sooner.


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