My Valentine becomes more special on Valentine’s Day

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I probably was born a few decades too early to have looked forward to the relevance of Valentine’s Day. I had neither heard of it nor it was a vogue to flaunt one’s love interest or romantic interludes so to say. Even dating was subdued and was not called dating but “seeing “, though it’s besides the point that I neither dated nor saw anyone. So the romance part of my life very much started post my marriage.

However, that doesn’t take the significance of Valentine’s Day away from it. For today’s youth as also those in love with their partners, it has come to be celebrated as a major festival. The tradition of showering gifts and spending a quite moment with your loved ones makes this day to be extra special. While it can be argued that why only one day in a year be dedicated to your beloved, the fact is that in spite of our hearts overflowing with love for our beloved, we are so much caught up in our routine that we miss to express our feelings. Valentine’s Day reminds us that loving in itself is not enough, one needs to express the same to one’s lover.

There are moralists and self styled conscious keepers who are against celebrating Valentine’s Day, it being against our culture. To my mind, anything that celebrates love, the most beautiful emotion of all, cannot be against any culture. And more so for our society that’s increasingly displaying the symptoms of polarisation on religious, linguistic and ethnic lines, such festivals that propagate love have immense relevance.

There’s nothing called moral turpitude about the pure feeling of love and people should be allowed to celebrate in whichever manner they want to.

I love you deeply but don’t say it ofter

But let me express my feelings this day

For pure love doesn’t need wine, flowers or gifts

But just a reminder of love on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “My Valentine becomes more special on Valentine’s Day

  1. Very well said Sir. Anything that celebrates love cannot be against any culture and what can be the harm in expressing it to someone who truly means to you. Should be definitely celebrated. Actually it is one more occasion to show that we care for the most valuable person in our life.

    Happy Valentines Day to all. Being a Sunday this time, even I was fortunate to have celebrated it along with the entire family.


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