Nothingness or emptiness

These are testing times for the mankind. Coronavirus has created situations that were simply unimaginable till the pandemic hit the world. Though the strain seems to have weakened and is not communicable the way it was when it first hit and also the chances of people recovering from it have improved manifold, its departure still seems some distance away.

While physical suffering due to coronavirus had been unprecedented- my wife got infected, followed by me and now my octogenarian mother; but mercifully all of us came out relatively unscathed. Of course, due to her age, my mother required hospitalisation, but I must confess that I was a lot worried about her because Corona has been particularly harsh on senior citizens. However, more than physical suffering, it has been mental agony that’s becoming increasingly more unbearable. February is the month when we go to South Africa to be with our daughter’s family, but this time neither there are flights nor SA as a destination is advisable for a new mutant of Covid seems to have originated from there. It’s been more than a year when we last met our two little grandkids and don’t know when shall we meet them next! My mother, who stays in Delhi, has not seen me for more than a year and I couldn’t be by her side when Corona struck her. And there are stories galore – my wife’s sister comes to India twice a year from Singapore but hasn’t been here for more than year and half and that includes not been able to join funeral of her brother, who succumbed to cancer during Corona period. And my uncle’s annual visit to India from US et al! And this is not unique to us. So many of our colleagues and acquaintances have their children abroad and Corona has separated all of them!

Offices have opened, so have clubs and restaurants. Last week after more than 1 year, we had guests at our place, which shows people have started visiting each other, at least locally. We do see people in shopping malls and bazaars. Maharashtra government is opening local trains for all from tomorrow. Above all vaccination has gathered pace. But the life is far from being normal. It once again brings us back to the theme of one of my recent blogs that had translated work from an Urdu article, which was titled – there’s everything yet nothing ! That strange feeling of nothingness or emptiness seems to be prevailing in spite all seemingly coming back to normal.

Life seems to be teaching this lesson

Not once but again and again

Man had conquered distances and overpowered nature

But now he’s facing the nature’s game !!!

4 thoughts on “Nothingness or emptiness

  1. Sir, had read it somewhere that “From nothingness we arise and to nothingness we return “. It seems so appropriate to me with reference to your above theme.


    1. Tough times Sir. Let’s pray and hope for better things to prevail. I think almost everyone is impacted in one way or the other by the nature’s wrath.


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