Even entertainment channels can overwhelm

Today’s episode of Indian Idol is something to be relished and cherished for long long time to come – a collector’s episode indeed! Telecast on the eve of our country’s 71st Republic Day, the theme was nationalism or more pronouncedly patriotism and the mood was understandably sombre though proud.

And while the special audience comprising jawans of CRPF and other dignitaries lent an aura and grace to the occasion, the life of the programme certainly was new generation poet and lyricist par excellence Manoj Muntashir . His poetry at the start of the programme and then before each of the performances gave goosebumps and I, being a connoisseur and admirer of poetry would admit unabashedly that I haven’t heart such impacting, touching and patriotic poetry in long long time. His words made heart heavy, eyes moist and yet head held high with pride.

And what stories – whether it was Havaldar Ansur who got hit by four bullets in his leg in an anti-terrorist operation or bravado of Major Mohit Sharma who slaughtered four terrorists before attaining martyrdom, awarded Ashok chakra posthumously, Kler family that has served the nation for 300 years or the grandfather (Nana) of one of the contestants, who armed the fighter planes that sortied to destroy enemy destinations, it was amply clear that bravery of our brave hearts is no ordinary matter and what makes our country and our forces so special- it’s because we don’t attack but fight for truth and justice and that’s why our civilisation has seen it all and survived to see a new day and no evil force in the world dare doubt this strength of ours!

Almost all the singers sang from their heart and got emotionally overawed by the occasion. The host Aditya Narayan was expectedly understated and three judges – Neha, Vishal and Himesh were at their gracious best, but the programme belonged to our brave hearts, our great nation and of course, Manoj Muntashir !

Congratulations Sony Entertainment Television and the content director for creating such an impactful episode that wrenched the heart yet made it felt proud and I am sure this will be watched over YouTube and Sony requested to rerun it for long time to come!

It was truly overwhelming!

4 thoughts on “Even entertainment channels can overwhelm

  1. Heartfelt Appreciations for the Blogger who poured his heart out in wonderfully explaining Indian Idol episode which was truly beyond any one’s imagination . Kudos to Sony Tv for conceptualizing for such a gem of episode on the eve of Republic day. I once again thank Blogger Arvind Arya for comprehensively detailing such a collector’s episode. Jai Hind


  2. Sir, as always, the detailing of the subject matter is very well put up and created undoubted interest for me to watch this episode on SonyLiv which I look forward to watching later today.
    Whenever we talk of music and patriotism together, one song always flashes through my mind “Ae mere vatan je logon” sung by Lata didi and wherever heard, it immediately brings tears to not only my eyes, but I’m sure its same with whoever is listening to it. All the real life heroes and their valuable contribution to our country also immediately start bubbling into our minds.
    On that note, with big salute to our national heroes and recalling and rejoicing the victory of our freedom fighters, wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day.
    *Proud to be an Indian*


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