Farmers agitation – when and how will it end?

Farmers are braving bitter cold and camping at Sindhu border persisting with their one point demand to the government- to repeal three farm laws. There have been several rounds of meetings between farmers and Government but farmers have made it clear that nothing short of repealing of these monstrous laws will satisfy them. Unfortunately, government has also made it clear that laws will not be repealed. The last hope now rests with Supreme Court; as I write this blog, it’s confirmed that Supreme Court has stayed implementation of these laws till further order and constituted a committee to discuss the issues with stakeholders.

Incidentally, Supreme Court also expressed concern at the danger of Corona virus spreading through these agitations and congregations? The Hon’ble court cited the example of Tablighi Jamaat , where a large congregation in closed space raised Covid concerns. In fact, it is most unfortunate that that in spite of Covid wreaking havoc in almost the entire world by afflicting millions and killing thousands, the world has seen a spate of agitations. Whether it’s movement led by Maulana Fazlur Rahman in Pakistan, attack on Capitol Hill by Trump’s supporters or agitation by our farmers, it’s most unfortunate that one of the most virulent strains of the recent times have been ignored by the agitating groups by exposing their as well others’ lives to grave risk.

Let’s hope that Supreme Court’s stay on implementation of three farm laws till further orders have a sobering effect on this ongoing agitation as rigidity in democracy helps no one and the only way forward in democracy is consultative stance and not rigidity of stance and this applies to both – government as well farmers. It’s not the question of who blinks first? It’s the larger issue of who saves nation from going on this destructive path that’s who shows magnanimity first?

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