Happy new year 2021

Cricket was a gentleman’s game. Five days test match used to be played at a languid pace with crescendo on the 5th day, a close tie getting decided in last 20 mandatory overs. A lot of technique, strategy, patience and perseverance went into the game.

One day international started with 60 overs a side that got reduced to 50 overs later on. The idea of getting the result on the same day excited cricket lovers, though the purists were not amused with the power hitting and restrictions on bowling.

And then came even shorter version 20-20, where spectators didn’t even have to wait for one full day to know the fate of the match but only a few fun filled action packed hours. The purists sounded the death knell for the gentlemanly game for this form of cricket was brutal, power packed and raucous.

The year 2020 had an analogy with the cricketing game of 20-20. It proved to be brutal, raucous and powerful in the wrong sense. It tested our patience, perseverance and above all immunity. Like for cricket aficionados, 20-20 rang a death bell for the gentleman’s game, 2020 rang a death knell for aficionados of life! Life came to a grinding halt and like the shorter version of game that gave us new terms such as power play and super over, the year 2020 gave us new terms such as mask, hand sanitisation, social distancing and lockdown.

But the analogy ends here! While 20-20 might herald death of a game, the year 2020 heralded death of human beings. We all heard news of loss of lives of our acquaintances and famed personalities.

2021 brings with it fresh hope, aspirations, desires, will to live life and dreams in our eyes! Because where there is hope, miracles do happen and 2021 will be miraculous giving us back our Corona free lives!

Happy 2021!

25 thoughts on “Happy new year 2021

  1. Sir, As the New Year approaches with hopes anew, here’s wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead!
    Happy New Year Sir!


  2. May this year be about beautiful new beginnings in every aspect of your life. Wonderful description of a T20 with 2020!!! Happy New Year! 🎉


  3. The fast changes taking place globally are indicated nicely in your blog, Notwithstanding, we Praise and Thank God for His Gift of Life that we could witness in the preceding Years. May God continue to Protect, Provide, Heal, Rejoice and Help You and all family members with His Abundant Blessings in this New Year.
    *Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year 2021!*
    With Warm regards,
    S K Singhal Advocate


  4. 2020 though ruthless was a great learning experience, power to rise against odds, and I am hopeful 2021 will ushers in better opportunities, health, fulfilment and prosperity to us all. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


  5. 20 21 symbolises succession in numbers. May all good things prevail over pains and agonies that the World had in 2020. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year – 20 21!


  6. Wishing you a very Happy New Year & Decade Sir. Let’s wake up each morning ushering in a new hope, new possibility, new strength, new resolve & new streak of positivity. Wishing you abundance of sunshine, cheer, brightness, joy, smiles & love in the year ahead.


  7. True sir. Canvas of life which was always viewed as big screen theatre, year gone by reduced it to reality that nothing matters more than being alive and with your loved ones. Cricket analogy explained the story beautifully. Pray for well being of all in new year and times to come.


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