Christmas Carol – Christmas-4

My yet to be 4 grandson, who is in Johannesburg, where it’s summertime, doesn’t believe his mother that it’s Christmas time because he has always seen white Christmas, with snow everywhere and Santa wearing winter attire and coming on a sleigh that rides only on snow!

It’s a very cute and innocent query and I have tried to help his mother to try and satisfy the curiosity of the little kid by reciting to him this Christmas Carol, especially composed on the occasion of Christmas!

Oh baby, sleep now

Tomorrow is Christmas Day

Santa will come at night

Riding on his sleigh!

No mom, you’re lying

How can it be Christmas Day

Christmas is always white

How will Santa come in his sleigh?

I have seen pictures

It’s always cold and white

How can it be Christmas without snow

No mom, you’re not right!

Baby, today indeed is Christmas night

Santa will definitely come

Where there’s no snow

He will pick his sack and run!

World is large

With summery and wintery lands

Santa comes everywhere on Christmas

To children in main and hinterlands !

Merry Christmas to everyone!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Carol – Christmas-4

  1. So cute about him to not believe his mom and his query is justified as per his perception of Christmas.
    I guess all children have some or the other perception of Christmas. I can relate it to how my son used to wonder whether it was really Santa who came and kept some gift for him outside the door, until he found that it was me who used to keep it hanging out before he gets up on the Christmas morning.


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