Hail December- 2

This is a follow up blog on my previous blog in which I expressed my relief at the month of November being over in spite of that month being full of events as explained in that blog.

However, as I think further about December, I realise that I underplay the importance of December in spite of so many milestones achieved by me in this month. If I start chronologically, my elder brother got married on the 6th of December, making today his 38th anniversary day, while my first job started on 28th December 1983, which will make this 28th December my 37th work anniversary! My engagement to my wifey dear happened on 3rd December 1987 and the big switchover in my life came when I quit State Bank and joined today’s Axis Bank, then known as UTI Bank on 5th December 1994. My readers might recall that last year was my 25th work anniversary in Axis, I having completed 26 years on this 5th of December.

So it’s not only festive spirit of Christmas and the new year Eve that are main attractions of December, it’s been on the whole quite a happening month in my life as evident from above! I am happy to be in December and like everyone else, await the end of this pandemic year 2020 and the start of mint fresh 2021, which will hopefully bring in lot of happiness and prosperity and take away Corona!

3 thoughts on “Hail December- 2

  1. We are realy lucky to have you as our mentor at Axis.
    Many Many Congratulations…You are a warrior.



  2. Congratulations Sir on you multiple Anniversary month of December. (I.e your First job Anniversary, your engagement Anniversary, Your Axislife Anniversary) and wishing you many congratulations for the same.


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