Hail December!

Actually, it’s November I look forward for it’s a pretty festive month for me. Apart from Diwali that more often than not falls during November, birthdays of my wife and daughter are other major highlights. Of course, being surrounded by scorpion friends and relatives, November ensures whole lot of action.

However, like the year itself, November 2020 was a month that I would like to forget, though I may not do so in hurry! At the beginning itself, I felt slightly under the weather, a position that consistently deteriorated. I was under high fever on my wife’s birthday and spent the day in bed, while on Diwali day that incidentally coincided with my daughter’s birthday, I tested positive for COVID. That heralded two weeks of home isolation, repeated blood tests and some none too pleasant experiences!

But all is well that ends well! As December starts today, I am almost recovered, raring to take a plunge into my day to day routine. I have dressed for my office, though for 2 more weeks at least, it will still be work from home. Medicines, except for some vitamins and supplements are almost finished and the heart is again looking forward to some pleasurable moments! Of course, spirit of Christmas only adds a bit of zip to the life!

The debilitating effects of Covid will be felt in the body for a few more weeks, but spirit is ready to sore again – in anticipation of good times, Christmas, new year and the end of the pandemic!

11 thoughts on “Hail December!

  1. It’s a heartening news that you are out of Corona and back with a bang with renewed vigour and vitality. Looking forward to many more new blogs in December.


  2. Sir, new month, new beginning, new energy and new hope’s.

    Let’s hope this new month will be the start of something good for all of us, that the pandemic comes to a fullstop soon and that there is good health and happiness around everywhere for all.


  3. Coming back is Man’s nature; It is like overcoming struggles of life and enjoy again. Festivals bring joy , this year taste of joy was less but spirits resound our day to day efforts and are fillip to hopes which sustain life.

    Belated Wishes to Ma’am and Your daughter. December be blast month and wishing you Good Health always Respected Sir.


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