If it can happen to me….

I took extreme care and caution. Stopped going out once the pandemic started. Mainly worked from home. In the extreme circumstances of having to go out, wore mask and maintained social distancing. Avoided crowded places. Drank hot concoctions ( kadah). Drank milk with turmeric. Took vitamins and zinc as supplements. Read somewhere about kalonji and ate black seeds everyday morning. Nursed a Corona patient with utmost care. And just when the world was celebrating abatement of pandemic and successful trial of vaccine, I got infected and tested positive for Corona.

I am no god; in fact , I consider myself to be more ordinary than the ordinary mortals. But the need is to get tested and then follow all the protocols. Many with good immunity might just have unknowingly defeated Corona, but they could be passive carriers. I suggest that anyone having fever or any discomfort of any kind should get herself or himself tested and only then can we defeat Corona and stop it’s transmission.

Is this blog being penned under Covid strain and hence has a pessimistic undertone? On the contrary, I am more resolute now to spread awareness through my articles. Do whatever is required and being suggested by the authorities and doctors. Build immunity and stay safe. But if there are any symptoms, get tested and follow the process. Testing is the key to defeating Corona.

You have physically downed me covid

But my spirits are still high

We have decided to fight together now

Your end is nigh!!!

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