Diwali will brighten up future

Historical significance of Diwali is return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile during which he faced several challenges, but finally people welcomed their favourite Rama by lighting lamps. Symbolically, Diwali represents removal of all obstacles, evils, darkness and problems surrounding us to be stepping into a brightly lit future.

Corona pandemic is one of the biggest challenges that mankind has faced in long long time – probably the first for our generation of post world war 2. In India, virus seems to be weakening and success of vaccine by Pfizer has lifted the spirits.

Let Diwali herald bright and prosperous future for not only our country but the entire world. Let all of us revert to simple joys of life that we took for granted.

We shopped

Till we dropped dead

And burning crackers

Would start a full month ahead

Who cared for diabetes or obesity

There was hardly any weight to be shed

Things have since changed like everything else

But there’s no reason to dread

Won’t burn crackers, eat sweets but wear mask

But spirit of Diwali will be upheld.

A happy, bright, healthy and prosperous Diwali to all if you and your family members!

12 thoughts on “Diwali will brighten up future

  1. Happy Deepawali to my favourite blogger. The content of his blogs is always thought provoking. Keep pouring your impeccable blogs. We love and admire.


  2. Growing up, we too cleaned our home and lit diyas and watched our friends’ displays of fireworks, lighting phuljhadis and chakris, fountains and snakes ourselves. Once we grew up and understood the horrifying impact on the environment and animals, we stopped lighting crackers. Now in the third stage of life, I realise the true significance of diwali – the cleaning up externally is excellent – but less clutter internally is therapeutic. Less anger, less jealousy, less inequality, less division …….these give way to more respect, compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness. And when this happens, we can truly welcome Ram, the epitome of human values into our lives. Happy Diwali everyone!!


  3. This festival of Lights let it remove all darkness in our lives and bring in Blessings and Happiness.
    May Maa Laxmi fulfill our life’s bucket with Wisdom, love, success and abundant Happiness
    Stay Healthy
    Stay Safe
    Stay Fit
    Happy Diwali 🪔


  4. Rightly said Sir. Simple Joy’s of life which are getting somewhere forgotten, we have now started living them again. For instance having the joy of eating together with all at home, which was not earlier possible is now again becoming a routine.
    Once again Happy Diwali and a Happy New year Sir.


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