Corona Nama

In Hindi, an ode to anyone is generally called “Nama.” Also, normally an ode is paid after the person or event comes to end. Hopefully, this ode to Corona will also herald the end of the pandemic.

It was peaceful, it was quiet,

Days were bright, peaceful were nights.

Roads were busy, markets were brisk,

It was all safe and normal, there was no risk.

People would go to office and children to school,

Everyone was busy yet things were cool.

And then struck lightning, call it Corona or covid

It shocked the humanity like a monster most livid.

Schools were shut, shops were closed,

People were locked inside, life was frozen cold!

Virus killed people, up went daily toll,

Old and weak fell like nine pins, life became a loll

Jobs were lost, immigrants were stranded

People ran helter-skelter, for pandemic had landed!

Gone were happy days, freewheeling spirit of yore,

People feared Corona for it had no cure!

Cure is on its way, so is vaccine,

Lockdown is easing, hope is in the offing.

Man has learned lesson, understood that life is fragile,

Only goodness matters, rest all is futile!

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