Who else but you?

As it is, current pandemic times are being termed as one of the darkest periods after world war 2 and on top of it, if there’s an added dosage of negativity on the personal front, it’s like adding fuel to the fire.

However, as also mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, the divine has a way to provide solace even in the darkest of the times and there have been several friends and well wishers who have stood by us in these difficult times, inspiring me to composing a few lines to express my gratitude to all of you. It’s titled – “Who else but you!”

When the dark clouds hover over the sky

And the dark tunnel seems endless

Under such grim circumstances, the mind thinks of

Who else but you!

When driven against the wall

With no respite in sight

In such times of trouble, the mind visualises

Who else but you!

When the solitude becomes unbearable

And loneliness starts frightening

The only thing that calms the mind is

Who else but you!

It’s not that times are always grim and dark

And that there’s no happiness in life

Even when it’s time to celebrate, the heart thinks of

Who else but you!

Lucky are those

Who have people like you as fall back

Divine also operates through individuals such as

Who else but you!

If those times didn’t last

These will also fly away

And when the heart will yearn again to meet a dear one, it will be

Who else but you!

Hope you like the above this has come straight from my heart 🙏

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