Rain rain stay, let Covid go away

After a hiatus of couple of days, when it seemed that monsoon season for the year was going to be over, we have woken up today to dark skies and lightening and thunder. It’s as if rain is saying, “don’t get complacent; I am not going anywhere too soon. Let the mankind, the nation and the city quench their thirst for water as much as possible.”

And it’s true that we are having another season of bountiful rain and farmers are rejoicing by making use of this bounty by bringing more and more land under sowing. In fact, in these dark Covid times, farm sector is the only sector making positive contribution to the country’s GDP and keeping its wheels moving. God bless the farmers of this country and let’s also express gratitude to heavens for their generosity by giving bountiful rain in what otherwise could have been even a more difficult year.

There’s an old poem that my daughter use to sing in her nursery days that read –

Rain rain go away

Don’t show your face again

Little Johnny wants to play

Rain rain go away!

Today, while we don’t mind rain staying for a few more days, but wish that it should take Covid away with itself. Like it cleans mother earth of all its dust and dirt, making it verdant green, let it also clean this earth from this pandemic that’s assuming monstrous proposition. With a count of 80000 being added each day, india overtaking US to be the biggest affected country does not seem too far away. More frighteningly, Covid that first entered the country, then city, then locality is now entering home and family i.e. getting too close for comfort:

Covid Covid go away

Never show your face again

Nation wants to grow again

Covid Covid go away!

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