Come September

Like the start of April is associated with April Fool, the onset of September immediately brings to mind that classic Hollywood movie “Come September “ starring ever handsome Rock Hudson and ever charming Gina Lollobrigida. And who can forget the every popular “Come September” signature tune composed by maverick Bobby Darin that’s played to date by wedding bands and orchestra.

There’s another song “Come September” whose theme is rather sad, but it’s catchline says –

Come September
Everything wrong gonna be alright
Come September

In these dark Covid times, can there be anything more soothing than the line “ Come September, Everything wrong gonna be alright?”

Actually, September has its own significance. It heralds start of autumn after sizzling hot summer and muggy rainy season. The climate takes turn to be more pleasant, with nights becoming cooler. Earth awashed by departing rains is green, clean and beautiful. Festive spirit starts manifesting itself in the atmosphere. In short, there’s hope all around.

Let’s dance to the evergreen Bobby Darin’s tune “ Come September” and sing the above lullaby that assures that all wrong are going to go away, once September comes!

Come September

Everything is gonna be alright

Because this dark and gloomy Covid tunnel is coming to an end

Leading the humanity to shining bright light!

Come September

Even the season is undergoing a change

There’s no reason whatsoever

Why Covid will not go out of our range?

Come September

Man has survived flus, plagues and catastrophes

Don’t show him covid

He knows all the tricks and all the ropes!

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